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Rebath Remodels in 1 Day with Dura Bath SSP Material

They have actually coined a term called ‘Refreshing Remodel’. A wide range of bathroom products and accessories are available, which cater to the diverse needs of different individuals. These products are made of DuraBath SSP material, which is a material of choice, due to its advantages as compared to the otherwise commonly used fiberglass.

Re-bath Spokane bathtub remodeling provides a wide range of custom made bathtub, showers bases and other decors, which fit into your bathroom. The main offices are located at Reno in Northern Nevada and at Spokane valley of Inland Northwest. Due to wide application and appealing finish, the Rebath Reno remodels have won many awards and recognition

Rebath Reno remodels is just not about refurbishing your bath but also include wall surrounds, shower bases, handles and various bathroom accessories. All these products are made of the revolutionary DuraBath SSPª material, which is resistant to cracking, chipping and does not soil easily like fiberglass. DuraBath SSPª is a polymer, which is made of material similar to that used to make bulletproof glass, which increases its durability and makes it impervious. These characteristics are exactly what you would like to have in your swank and squeaky-clean bathroom.

Rebath Reno remodels the old bathroom using DuraBath SSP bathtub molds, which are an exact replica of the old one. They also produce bathtub liners which fits over the old worn-out bathtub thus making it water tight without making your bathroom messy. Re-bath Spokane bathtub remodeling company also have a designer series to match the bathroom decors and a wide range of choices for apron fronts.

In case you plan to have a complete bathroom make over, Rebath Reno remodels it in one-day using DuraBath SSP material and this is made possible without tearing up your house or disrupting the tranquility. The wall surrounds for instance is custom manufactured and directly installed over the pre-existing old bathroom wall. Re-bath Spokane bathtub remodeling also replaces the old tub area by installing a luxurious, walk in shower thus taking the bathing experience, to the next level. A Re-Bath consultant usually visits the customer’s residence and takes a couple of photographs along with several measurements, based on this information the installation is completed within a day by installers who are factory certified. All DuraBath SSP products have a warranty.

Therefore, the next time you think of renovating or redesigning your bathroom without having to compromise with your time, convenience and peace, the best option without doubt would be Re-bath Reno remodels. Re-bath Spokane bathtub remodeling technique converts your old, messy bathrooms into a new spacious, designer, comfortable leisure space for you to retire to any time of the day!

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